5.5 KW Inverter Generator SG6500i-A (Dual Fuel)

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Special Features :
  • Up to 50% fuel cost savings
  • You can use both petrol and LPG as it has Dual fuel facility
  • LPG cylinder gas is very easily available and safe
  • LPG gas produces less air pollution than petrol and diesel
  • Latest Inverter Technology
  • Ultra Quiet / Super Silent
  • High Starting Load Capacity
  • Auto Start with ATS

Features of 5.5 KW Inverter Generator | Best Portable Generator Price in Bangladesh

The SG6500i-A (Dual Fuel) inverter generator offers several advantages:


Dual Fuel Capability:

The generator can run on both Gasoline and LPG, providing flexibility and fuel options based on availability or user preference.


Inverter Technology:

Inverter generators deliver stable and clean power, making them suitable for sensitive electronic devices and appliances, ensuring smooth operation without the risk of damage.


Automatic Start Feature:

The automatic start function allows the generator to start automatically when power is interrupted, ensuring a seamless transition and convenience in case of power outages.



SG6500i-A (Dual Fuel) is an ultra-quiet inverter generator. It has a 62 dB noise level which is like an electric shaver running sounds.


Stable Power for Sensitive Appliance:

Sensitive electronic equipment like Server, Motor, AC, Refrigerator, Computer, Etc are prone to problems when exposed to unreliable power supplies.

This generator has stable power so you have no need to worry about bad or unreliable power.


High Starting Load Capacity:

We all know that the engine starting load is always higher than the normal load. And this inverter generator is very much capable of taking a high starting load.


Low Fuel Consumption:

SG4500i inverter generator

It has an electronic speed control function which helps to saved your fuel costs.


LED Display:

LEDs provide feedback to indicate whether the generator is in use, overload or in need of lubricant.


Air Filters:

The air filters help to limit the amount of dirt and dust drawn into the unit during operation.



It has 2 wheels that makes the generator super portable.


Powerful Battery:

The inverter generator has 12V battery.


Fuel Control Switch:

The SG6500i-A (Dual Fuel) also has a fuel control switch, so that you can easily monitor fuel level and so on.


Safety Notes:

Never run the generator inside a home or garage, even if door and windows are open. Using an engine indoors can kill you in a minute. Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide. This is a poison you cannot see or smell.


Technical Specification:

General Data:

Model SG6500i-A(Dual Fuel)
Brand Sakura
Rated Power 5.5 KVA/5.5KW
Max. Power 5.0 kVA/5.0KW
Volts 220V
Frequency 50HZ
Engine RPM 3600
Power Factor 1
Max. output (Ampere) 25A
Starting System Auto Start with ATS, Remote, Push, Electric


Engine General Data:

Engine Brand Sakura
Model 180F/P
Fuel LPG/Petrol/Octane
Fuel Tank Capacity 15L
Cooling System Air Cooled
Displacement 312cc
Ignition System Non Contact
Engine Oil Capacity 0.9L


Alternator General Data:

Brand Sakura
Alternator Permanent Magnetism
Th. Class F
Output Frequency Wrap ±2%
Output Voltage Wrap ±2%


Dimension and Noise Level:

Length 690 mm
Width 550 mm
Height 625 mm
Weight 55 KG
Sound From 7 m (dBA) 1/4 load 62


Fuel Consumption:

Fuel Consumption LPG Petrol/Octane
100% Load 3 L/H 2.5 L/H
75% Load 2 L/H 1.5 L/H
50% Load 1.5 L/H 1.0 L/H
Continuous Duration of Runs 7 H 8 H


Warranty: 1 Year.

Installation Charge: Free.

Notes: Buyer will bear cable & other accessories costs.

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