6.5 KW LPG Generator LG7500EX-DF

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Now is the time to introduce our LG7500EX-DF generator. This is a 6.5 KW generator that lights up your hose and other utilization systems with ease. One does not need to worry about the capacity of this generator as it is a heavy-duty generator. This LPG generator is best for home use as it meets the demand of any type of household. It can bear loads of various machinery with ease.

Sakura Power's LPG generators are specially designed keeping in view the demands of different types of households and workplaces. The ordinary shop holds and small building units can easily select the best suitable generator and save money annually.

As we already know, LPG is very cheap and more reliable than petrol or any other fuel was selecting an LPG generator will make you many annual profits. This is the most significant factor for buying an LPG generator in Bangladesh.

This article will tell you more about Sakura Power’s one of the best LPG generator. This article will also explain why one should consider an LPG generator compared to others when there are many options available in the market.


Special Features :

  • Up to 50% fuel cost savings
  • You can use both petrol and LPG as it has dual fuel facility
  • LPG cylinder gas is very easily available and safe
  • LPG gas produces less air pollution than petrol and diesel

Features of 6.5 KW LPG Generator: Best Generator Price

Every appliance has its pros and cons. So, let’s proceed with all the essential and mesmerizing features of the LG7500EX-DF generator.


Dual Fuel & Heavy-duty engine:

The dual-fuel technology feature gives you the benefit of two things in a single. This way, you can have more fuel options. You can either consider LPG, or you can go for petrol in hours of need.

Most of the time, you will be working the generator with LPG because it is more economical. With an excellent dual fuel technology, Sakura power’s this best 3 phase generators have a very efficient engine.

Its high efficiency and dual fuel technology make it a good choice for both household systems and other utility buildings and shops. The high efficiency of this LG7500EX-DF electric generator is discussed in the following excellent dual-fuel sections too.


Digital Volts, Hertz and Hour Monitor:

Everyone wants a generator with higher efficiency and more features to facilitate oneself. If your generator’s meters are easy to read and you do not have to make tough calculations, that generator is the best suitable option.

Many people find it challenging to read analog readings, but a digital meter has solved that issue. This generator has digital meters for measuring and showing accurate readings making sure that your generators run smoothly.

digital monitor of sakura engine generator

Extra output points:

This fantastic generator can give you extra output in case you require more. You can get additional results from the other output terminals that you may have. You might already know that the more, the better, but this best generator in Bangladesh can give you much more than a single output. With more prominent output points, you can tap the results as you like.


Heavy Duty Industrial Plug and Socket:

The plugs and sockets are made up of higher-quality industrial materials. You will get high-quality power plugs and sockets, and you won’t have to buy new ones with higher efficiency.

The plug and socket are made for the usage of any type of machinery. This generator can bear a load of any electronics within its voltage range from industrial to household machinery. One can rely on these heavy-duty plugs and sockets for safe connections with no damage and leakage.


Oil Alert Lamp:

As technology advances, more and more facilities come into the market. An oil alert lamp makes it easier for you to oil the generator whenever the oil level is low in the generator.

An oil alert lamp alerts you of the oil level within the safe amounts so that you either do not overfill the oil socket to one known about the oil level. Its basic aim is to raise the oil alert when needed.


Dolly Wheel kit:

The best thing about it is that you will not have to buy accessories with this generator. You will get a movable dolly wheel kit to move the generator anywhere quickly.

No doubt generators are pretty challenging to move, but these high-quality portable wheel kits not only save you from spending much on the accessories of the generator.


High Efficiency:

High efficiency of this engine scouts for the high power of this generator. With a heavy-duty engine, this generator is a very economical generator at this price in Bangladesh.

The heavy-duty engine provides high reliability of the generator with more extended power. All the components are made up of decent materials and top quality so that the generator's efficiency is not compromised.

Being an LPG generator makes it highly suitable for various households and small businesses that require a portable generator. This generator was tested for working under different conditions by the expert team in our company. This gas engine generator turned out to stand them all, proving its high efficiency and top quality.


LPG is better than other fuels, Why?

As in Bangladesh, the cost of LPG is lesser than gasoline, so an LPG generator is an excellent option to be considered. The reason for the availability of gas at a low cost is that it is abundantly available in nature.

It consumes low fuel and is very efficient, and has such decent features that it can be the best choice compared to other types of generators. It is also safer than petrol and diesel used in different generator types, so if you want a long-term permanent solution that will benefit you in the long run, considering an LPG generator is a good deal.


LPG fuel Generator vs Petrol/ Octane generator:

LPG generator is the best option to consider as compared to other generators as it is economical. It uses LPG as a fuel that makes it more affordable and beneficial than other generators in addition to annual savings.

The reason for the availability of gasoline at a low cost is that it is abundantly available in nature. Moreover, the installation and purchasing of a gasoline generator are much more affordable. This also produces less heat and other environmental hazards, so LPG is safer and more affordable in Bangladesh, making LPG generators the best in Bangladesh.



If you are looking for an economical and highly affordable generator for your household and other small institutes and business centers, this generator is the best option. Sakura power is a renowned brand for producing high-quality electronics.

Best of luck in finding a good generator!!! This article was all about our LG7500EX-DF power generator. It is a small generator best suitable for smaller households and buildings. Not only do these LPG generators save you money, but they also will turn your life through their efficient and high-quality performance.


Technical Specification of LG7500EX-DF 6.5 KW LP Gas Generator:

General Data:

Model LG75000EX-DF
Brand Sakura
Rated Power 6.0 KVA/6.0KW
Max. Power 6.5 kVA/6.5KW
Volts 220V
Frequency 50HZ
Engine RPM 3600
Power Factor 1
Max. output (Ampere) 27 A
Starting System Electric & Recoil
Country of Made China


Engine General Data:

Engine Brand Sakura
Model 190F
Fuel Gasoline/LPG
Fuel Tank Capacity 25L
Cooling System Air Cooled
Displacement/HP 420cc/15
Ignition System Non Contact
Engine Oil Capacity 1.10L
Lube Oil Grade SAE 20W-50

Alternator General Data:

Brand Sakura
Alternator Copper Alternator
Th. Class H
Output Frequency Wrap ±5%
Output Voltage Wrap ±2%


Dimension and Noise Level:

Length 730 mm
Width 565 mm
Height 590 mm
Weight 88 KG
Sound From 7 m (dBA) 1/4 load 72


Fuel Consumption:

% of Load LPG Petrol/Octane
100% Load 3.0 L/H 2.5 L/H
75% Load 2.2 L/H 2.0 L/H
50% Load 1.7 L/H 1.5 L/H
Continuous Duration of Runs 8.0 H 10 H


Warranty and Installation:

1 Year Warranty.

Installation Charge: Free.

Notes: Cable & other accessories costs will bear by the buyer.

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