63A Automatic Changeover Switch, Single Phase

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An automatic changeover is an electrical switch that switches a load between two sources. When utility/Main/Commercial power is lost, the automatic transfer switch detects the situation right away. The generator starts manually and started to supply power than an automatic changeover switch (ACS), load commercial power to Generator power. Afterward, it detects when the utility power is returned, the automatic transfer switch re-transfer to the main power.


This auto changeover is suitable for 2 KW to 10 KW portable generators. And it can be used for hospitals, shops, banks, high buildings, telecommunication and important situation. It will help you to save time.


Special Features:

  • Reliable Performance in a Long Life.
  • Strong Anti-Interference Ability.
  • Quick Transfer.

Reliable Performance in a Long Life:

ACS-63A-2P automatic changeover helps the generator to reliable performance and longevity.


Strong Anti-Interference Ability:

This auto changeover has a very strong anti-interference ability.


Quick Transfer:

It can transfer two sources very quickly. It will take a few moments to transfer power from one source to another. The operating transfer time is ≤3s.


Miniature Circuit Breaker:

ACS-63A-2P automatic transfer switch uses a DZ47 miniature circuit breaker (improved type) as the actuating element, is equipped with the new type control mechanism.


Short-Circuit Protection:

ACS-63A-2P automatic changeover switch is mainly made up of power transfer actuating breaker automatic controller, electric operating mechanism and so on. wherein, the circuit breaker QN and QR retains the original over-current protection and short-circuit protection.


Indicating Lamp:

It has two panel power indicating lamp. Green and Yellow. Yellow indicates the working voltage of automatic controller.

If the main power is in the normal state, the main power actuating breaker QN will be in the On state, then the panel N power indicating lamp Green is brightened.



Motor winding is pure copper wire transfer for 6k times at 111V to 289V Transfer time accurate.


Technical Specification:

Model ACS63A-2P
Brand Suntree
Rated Voltage 220V
max. Voltage 400V
Rated Insulating Voltage 690V
Rated Current 6A-63A
Max. Current 63A
Rated Impulse withstand Voltage 4KV
Rated Short Circuit Making Capacity 6KA
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 4.5KA
Electric Equipment Grade CB Class
Controller Type A (basic type)
Service Life 5000 Times
Operating transfer time (no time delay) ≤3s
Net Weight  1.5 KG
Country of Made China


Installation Charge: Free (with Sakura Generator).


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