7.5KW LPG Generator STORM D8000E-DF

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STORM D8000E-DF is another powerful addition to the family of LPG Generators. Sakura LPG generators are more powerful and less costly as compared to gasoline generators. Not only do they have high efficiency, but also, they have many benefits over other generators.


Sakura Power’s primary aim is to put forth those products that are suitable economically and also puts low strain on the budget. This gas generator is undoubtedly a good choice for medium households and shops and even a part of a building. Not only it supports heavy electronics, but also it works smoothly for many hours.


This 7.5 KW LPG generator is a portable generator and is capable of supporting high-power and heavy-duty machinery. You will a maximum power of about 7.5 kW maximum and 70 as rated power. It is best suitable for residential usage where one can efficiently run heavy loads and machinery and at a very reasonable price.


A lpg generator saves you up to 50 percent of the budget of the gasoline generator. As in Bangladesh, LPG is 50 times lower in price than gasoline so think of the benefits of all the savings you will get. You would annually save you a lot of money and also be the best in its performance.


Let’s now look at a few features that can give you the reliability and high technology of this generator.

Special Features :

  • Up to 50% fuel cost savings
  • You can use both petrol and LPG as it has dual fuel facility
  • LPG cylinder gas is very easily available and safe
  • LPG gas produces less air pollution than petrol and diesel

Features of 7.5 KW LPG Generator | Gas Generator Price

Here is the few LP gas generator features that change a life by saving money and providing excellent quality service.


Dual Fuel Technology:

STORM D8000E-DF generator comes with dual-fuel technology. It can work on both LPG and gasoline. For better and highly efficient fuel combustion, this generator has unique components.

Its dual-fuel technology makes it quite economical and eco-friendly. It minimizes the heat losses and makes efficient combustion of fuel for better power production and utilization. This feature accounts for is being premium generator for multi purposes.


Digital AVR and Voltage Fluctuation:

This eco-friendly generator utilizes digital automatic voltage regulators to avoid the pulsating of Voltage. When the voltage fluctuates, more fuel is used. So, this is an efficient feature that avoids voltage fluctuation automatically so that you have everything on an optimized level.

Even when used for heavy machinery, this generator avoids the voltage fluctuation and makes the lesser fuel usage, thus saving you money.


Volts, Ampere, Watts, Hertz, and Hour Monitor:

The generator operation is relatively easy as it has an easy way to measure and show all the readings accurately. The meters for the measurement of Voltage, Current, frequency, and time make this generate very precise in the range of power it supplies.

It reduces the chances of any faults that can occur. The monitors make sure that there is no fault, and in any case, if there is, these monitors indicate it so that no damage could occur to the generator or the power utilizing devices.


Extra Starting Load Capacity:

The starting load capacity of the generator is quite good. It has enough power to support the AC, compressor, and motors. This small gas generator is highly efficient and famous in the market because of being an LPG generator and secondly due to its performance efficiency.


Heavy Duty Industrial Plug and Socket:

This lp gas portable generator has a high-quality industrial plug and socket. These plugs support a safe transfer of power. The plug and socket are made for the usage of any type of machinery.

This LPG generator can bear a load of any heavy-duty electronics within its voltage range from industrial to household machinery. One can rely on these heavy-duty plugs and sockets for safe connections with no damage and leakage.


Low Fuel Consumption:

This is the most fantastic feature of this generator. Whoever wants to buy a thing you consider it not to be much burden on the budget, as this generator LPG is used instead of gasoline, so it is cheaper in Bangladesh. Still, also it burns efficiently, and its lesser amounts do the task.

Many modern generators provide rich features, but they use a lot of fuel, which makes them uneconomical. But our STORM D8000E-DF LPG generator gives you highly beneficial features in an affordable range with annual savings.


Moveable Dolly Wheel kit:

You will get a movable dolly wheel kit with this portable generator to move the generator anywhere accessible. No doubt generators are pretty challenging to move, but these high-quality movable wheel kits not only save you from spending much on the accessories of the generator. These accessories are available with the generator, and you do not have to spend more on buying accessories.


Low cost of LPG in Bangladesh:

As in Bangladesh, the cost of LPG is lesser than gasoline, so an LPG generator is an excellent option to be considered. It consumes low fuel and is very efficient, and has such decent features that it can be the best choice compared to other types of generators.

The reason for the availability of gasoline at a low cost is that it is abundantly available in nature. It is also safer than petrol and diesel used in other generator types, so if you want a long-term permanent solution that will benefit you in the long run, considering an LPG generator is a good deal.


Long Term Benefits:

If you shift with the gas-powered lp generators, then you can benefit from it in the long term. It involves safer and eco-friendly fuel available at a low cost. It also supports all the functions that a petrol generator provides, so shifting to new technology for better standards will surely worth it when you have saved a lot of money through the annual savings.



Sakura power is a renowned brand for producing high-quality electronics. This article was all about our STORM D8000E-DF generator. It is a small generator best suitable for smaller households and buildings. Not only do these LPG generators save you money, but they also will turn your life through their efficient and high-quality performance. GOOD LUCK!!!


Technical Specification of Storm D8000E-DF 7.5 KW LP Gas Generator:

General Data:

Model Storm D8000E-DF
Brand Sakura
Rated Power 7.0 KVA/7.0KW
Max. Power 7.5 kVA/7.5KW
Volts 220V
Frequency 50HZ
Engine RPM 3600
Power Factor 1
Max. output (Ampere) 34 A
Starting System Electric & Recoil
Country of Made China


Engine General Data:

Engine Brand Sakura
Model 192F-2D
Fuel Gasoline/LPG
Fuel Tank Capacity 25L
Cooling System Air Cooled
Displacement/HP 445cc/16
Ignition System Non Contact
Engine Oil Capacity 1.10L
Lube Oil Grade SAE 20W-50

Alternator General Data:

Brand Sakura
Alternator Copper Alternator
Th. Class H
Output Frequency Wrap ±5%
Output Voltage Wrap ±2%


Dimension and Noise Level:

Length 735 mm
Width 565 mm
Height 590 mm
Weight 97 KG
Sound From 7 m (dBA) 1/4 load 72


Fuel Consumption:

% of Load LPG Petrol/Octane
100% Load 3.5 L/H 3.0 L/H
75% Load 3.0 L/H 2.1 L/H
50% Load 2.4 L/H 1.75 L/H
Continuous Duration of Runs 7.0 H 8.0 H


Warranty and Installation:

1 Year Warranty.

Installation Charge: Free.

Notes: Cable & other accessories costs will bear by the buyer.

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