1. Difference between gasoline and diesel generators?

Gasoline generators are fuelled by petrol or octane, while diesel generators run on diesel alone. Gasoline generators are portable in nature, while diesel generators are not. Although gasoline generators are more eco-friendly, diesel generators have the advantage of producing very low noise (decibel) levels.


2. Can gasoline generators run on gas?

Simple answer is no. Gasoline generators use petrol or octane as running fuel. Extra mechanisms are required to make it run on gas but very ill-advised, as it is harmful for the engine and reduces its productive life.


3. Generator fuel types?

Gasoline generators run on petrol or octane. Diesel generators run on diesel alone.


4. How many hours can I run my generator continuously?

Every generator has its own running limit. A general rule of thumb is to let the generator rest for 1 hour after every 3-4 hours of consistent use.


5. Why is the HG series more expensive than the LG series?

The HG series gasoline generators are built with Original HONDA engines, which are imported from Japan and assembled in China. The quality of this product is equivalent to Honda generators themselves, boasting greater reliability, which justifies a higher price.


6. How can I get an owner’s manual?

An owner’s manual will be sent with the product after each purchase. You may also download the manual from the individual product pages from our website.


7. How do I locate the model number?

You can find model number attached on the frontal area of your product. You may also check the memo to know your product model.


8. What to do when facing problems with my power equipment?

We provide a one-year warranty for all of our products. If any particular problem is faced, you are encouraged to dial our support centre(+88 01791111144). Our specialists will address the issue immediately.


9. How can I purchase maintenance and/or repair parts for my Honda equipment?

Parts can be purchased from us at Sakura Power Limited or any of our authorized dealers in Bangladesh. It is recommended to send over the correct model and serial numbers of your equipment (or engine number for engine parts) for perfect deliveries.


10. How can I contact the customer center?

For product inquiries, kindly dial+88 01791111144. For after-sales services, please dial +880179111155. Our customer services remain active 24/7. When contacting our Customer Relations Office, please be sure to mention your (owner’s) name, address, full model name, serial number (see your owner's manual for serial number location), date of purchase, dealer details, and a general description of the problem.


11. How can I become a Sakura Power Equipment dealer?

If you are interested in becoming an authorized sales and service dealer for Sakura Power Limited, kindly call +88 01791111155 during business hours 10 am-6 pm (Note: Closed on Fridays).


12. What fuel should I use for my gasoline generator?

Petrol or octane fuel is endorsed to run your portable gasoline generator. It is not recommended to use gas or slander, but a conversion is possible, in which case all product and service warranties shall become void.


13. How many ounces of oil to use?

Kindly notice quarts are mentioned in the owner’s manual. Multiply quarts by 32 to get measurements in ounces. For example: 1.5 quarts would be 1.5 x 32 = 48 ounces.


14. What to do if I didn’t receive all generator parts and accessories?

If you purchased a new piece of equipment and are missing parts or manuals that come with the product, you need to contact with the number given on the receipt. Used, pre-owned or reconditioned products are sold “as-is / as they are.” Hence, any damaged or missing parts are the responsibility of the buyer or the retailer, for which Sakura Power Limited shall not remain liable.


15. Do you sell reconditioned or used generators?

We only retail brand new generators. Reconditioned or used generators are not sold by Sakura Power Limited.


16. When will I receive my generator warranty paper?

A warranty paper comes part-and-parcel with the purchase of your product. You will gain a one-year warranty on the day of purchase.


17. How long is my warranty?

Warranty terms are shown in the back of your owner's manual. Generally, we provide a single-year part and service warranty.


18. Where can I get warranty repairs?

You may take your Sakura product to any authorized Sakura Power Equipment servicing dealer in Bangladesh, which carries your particular product line for warranty repairs. When taking your product in for warranty service, you must provide proof of purchase.


19. How do I transfer the warranty from the first owner?

Kindly send a letter to the following address and include the information listed below:


Sakura Power Limited

Attn: Customer Service / Product Registration

House7 (5th Floor), Road7, Gulshan1, Dhaka-1212


Information required:

  1. The original date of purchase.
  2. Complete model and serial number information.