Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

Buy a high-quality Honda lawn Mower, Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower and Sakura lawn Mower at the best price in Bangladesh. Riding, Self-propelled, Hand Push lawn mower and brush cutter available in our grass cutter machine shop. 

Finding a decent lawn mower in Bangladesh is not easy. There are many companies out there that offer various grass-cutting machines. Lawn mowers are very important if you want to keep the maintenance of your lawns and yards.

You must select a mowing machine that can handle the conditions of various types of weather. Summer and falls have different effects on plants and leaves, so one’s lawn mower must be strong enough to handle harsh conditions.

We have done your work for you, so we put forth the best lawn mower you can have at an affordable price in BD. You can use our hand-push lawn mower as the best grass cutting machine for both small and expanded yards. This can also be a self-propelled lawn mower or a riding lawnmower. We are offering the most affordable lawn mower price in Bangladesh assuring the best quality. Let’s have a look at the pricing of available grass cutting machines in the most reliable lawn mower shop in Bangladesh. 



Lawn Mower Price in Bangladesh(BD) | 2022

Lawn Mower Price in Bangladesh


Get Best Hand-push, Self-propelled & Riding Lawn Mower in Bangladesh. Our Lawn Mower Price Starts from BDT 35,000 to BDT 2,50,000 in Bangladesh.

Grass Cutting Machine Price in Bangladesh

Lawn Mower List

Price in Bangladesh
Sakura 22" Hand Push Lawn Mower S22HP BDT 35,000
Sakura 21" Hand Push Lawn Mower S21HPC BDT 40,000
Sakura 21" Hand Push Lawn Mower H21HPC BDT 60,000
Sakura 21" Self Propelled Lawn Mower 21H3IN1 BDT 70,000
Sakura 21" Self Propelled Lawn Mower 21BS3IN1ESC BDT 80,000
Sakura 30" Riding Lawn Mower 30RM BDT 2,50,000

Powered by Sakura Power- Reliable Lawn Mower &  Grass Cutting Machine Supplier


You can visit the market for your satisfaction then you can conclude that this is the best grass cutting machine price in Bangladesh. You will not have to worry about the budget with this mower. You also get high-quality brush cutter prices from our lawn mower shop.


Specifications and Features:


Investing in a lawn mower is quite serious. You must take into consideration all the features, quality, performance and warranty that you can have. So, you must carefully search the market. But we have researched for you and presented everything you should know before purchasing the best lawn mower in Bangladesh. With notable features and a high warranty, you can have this lawn mower from us.

As already mentioned, this lawn mower is one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers as it has the features and best qualities for it to be the best garden mower. We have an expert team to introduce the latest technology and customers’ ease of usage into our products.


Now let’s get started with the most premium features of Sakura Powers grass cutter. All the features that are listed below will make you attract this lawnmower. There are many Honda lawn mowers but this Sakura Powers lawn mower has been used and reviewed by the customers and they call it to be the best grass cutting machine so far. Take a look at each of the features carefully as this will surely catch your eyes. You can also compare the features with other Honda lawn mowers  and can see a riding lawn mower that is an extraordinary collection among all our grass cutting machines.


1. Landscaping:

This lawnmower will make your lawn just like a carpet. The smoothness and evenness of the grass will surely attract people. The finishing and efficiency of this mowing machine are just commendable. You will not find such a hand-push lawn mower with such a smooth cutting.


2. Top Class Engines:

This push lawn mower has top engines like those of the Brands Sakura, Honda and Briggs & Stratton. We do not have to say anything about the quality of these brands and you already know the durability and efficiency of the engines of these brands. So, the engine is quite efficient and durable with a smooth performance.


3. Height Adjustment Facility:

This mowing machine has a good height adjustment feature. Through this feature, you can adjust the height of the grass. As various people prefer various lengths and various places require different grass lengths so you can easily adjust the length of the grass. There are 6 sizes so you can choose according to your needs.


4. Cutting height and width:

As the length of the grass is adjustable so you can easily adjust the height between 25mm-80mm with a straight blade and up to 21 inches to 30 inches (533mm to 762mm) in width. So, you can also adjust the height and width of the grass according to your needs and desires.


5. Petrol/ Octane engine Driven:

This engine is a petrol engine and hence the lawn mower is a petrol lawn mower so the fuel is also available abundantly and you can use it anywhere. This is also highly portable and can be taken anywhere you need. So being portable and efficient this lawn mower is a perfect choice.


6. 3 in1 Discharging grass:

Speed is one of the most common features of any machine for it to be a good one. Similarly, this mowing machine is a good choice to be considered regarding speed. It has 3 areas of discharging grass. One is the rear portion, the other two are side bags of fabric and mulch. So, it will work faster and smoothly without making any mess.


7. Bagging Facility:

The mower works in a clean manner and has a bag for collecting grass. So, this way you can have a mess-free cutting grass machine.


8. Saves Labor Cost & Time:

Whenever you select any machine, you prefer to save your time. You can always consider this to be very easily workable. It is high and fast working so you can finish up the chores in time.


9. High-Performance Working Capability:

This lawn mower has high efficiency and very heavy-duty performance. You can work with it for a long time, and it is so excellently built that you can work very quickly without feeling tiresome with it for a long time; it also has a high finishing and efficient performance.


10. Electric and recoil Starting Systems:

This lawn mower is based on an electric start with a lithium battery, and push start for easy starting of the system. It also saves time being fast.


11. Warranty:

Warranty is essential if you are investing in anything, you must select a good product with a decent warranty. Sakura lawn mower comes with a warranty of 1 year. So, you can buy it without any doubt.



So, this was all regarding the best lawn mower we are offering in Bangladesh. Now you can either search the market and do the haste of finding a good lawnmower or you can see that this lawn mower is the most suitable for you. It has all the features of the best lawn mower and is also available at a decent price. Your investment will not be wasted and will be rewarded. This lawn mower has a high warranty and it will surely be paid off when you will use this. So best of luck with your quest to find a decent lawn mower. Happy mowing!

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  1. Sakura 21" Self Propelled Lawn Mower 21BS3IN1ESC
    BDT 80,000 EMIs from BDT 6666.67 / Month
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  2. Sakura 30" Riding Lawn Mower 30RM
    BDT 250,000 EMIs from BDT 20833.33 / Month
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  3. Sakura Engine Brush Cutter BC501
    BDT 20,000 EMIs from BDT 1666.67 / Month
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  4. Honda Engine Brush Cutter BC601
    BDT 45,000 EMIs from BDT 3750 / Month
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