Honda Engine Generator

Honda Engine Generator

The Honda generator by Sakura Power proves the power level of high power. The country origin of the engine in Japan. This Honda generator provides enough power to light up your entire house and any other electronic appliances.

 This Honda power generator is well-suited for homes and shops, educational institutes, business showrooms, and shopping stores. Sakura Power’s primary goal is to put forth those products that are suitable economically and also put a low strain on the budget.

This generator is undoubtedly a good choice for all types of households and shops and even a part of a building. Not only it supports heavy electronics, but also it works smoothly for many hours.

As we already know, Honda is a very known brand for quality and reliability than many others so it’s a good choice for anywhere. Choosing a Honda power generator will make you many annual profits. This is the most significant factor for buying a Honda generator in Bangladesh.


Features and Specifications:

The high efficiency of the Honda engine accounts for the high power of this generator. With a heavy-duty engine, this generator is a very economical generator at this price in Bangladesh. The heavy-duty engine provides high reliability of the generator with more extended power.

 All the components are made up of decent materials and top quality so that the generator's efficiency is not compromised. It also supports all the functions that a petrol generator provides, so shifting to new technology for better standards will surely be worth it when you have saved a lot of money through the annual savings.

 So, Honda power generators are so much better than all other types of generators, and along with it, they are so economical and budget-friendly. In this article, we will go through all the essential features of the Honda power generators and guide you on why you should go for Honda power generators.


  1. Original Honda GX series engine:

This Honda generator has a top GX series engine. There is nothing to say about the quality of this powerful engine, and you already know the durability and efficiency of the engines of these brands. So, the engine is quite efficient and durable with a smooth performance.


The engine is also a four-stroke engine. It is a very fuel-efficient engine with high starting performance. You can rely on this engine for the best performance.


  1. High-efficiency Copper Alternator:

The alternator is also made of copper, so it is highly durable and efficient in a performance like other parameters. The alternator with a copper body is very useful and is preferred all over the market.


  1. Easy Starting performance:

The starting of this engine is effortless. There is no hectic starting system like a kick start. So, you have a good facility for the automatic starting system. The electric starting system is very beneficial for a good performance. There is also an electronic start and recoil system for the best performance.


  1. Durable and suitable for extended run time:

Whenever you select any machine, you prefer to save your time. You can always consider this to be very easily workable. It is high and fast working so you can run this generator for a long time without any issue. It is not only highly durable but also has a very long run-time.


  1. Low Fuel consumption:

This is the most attractive feature of this Honda power generator as it helps to save a lot of money. It is undoubtedly the best petrol generator in Bangladesh at low fuel consumption, high efficiency, and affordability. You can have many advantages with this generator. Saving money is the best option here.


  1. IP66 waterproof Plug and Socket:

There is an IP66 waterproof plug and socket-based on industrial standards. The plug and socket are made for the usage of any type of machinery. This Honda power generator can bear a load of any heavy-duty electronics within its voltage range from industrial to household machinery.

 One can rely on these heavy-duty plugs and sockets for safe connections with no damage and leakage. This Honda power generator can bear a load of any heavy-duty electronics within its voltage range from industrial to household machinery.


  1. AC circuit protector:

This Honda generator has an AC circuit protector to protect the circuit from dangerous current, voltage, and power levels. An AC circuit protector protects the circuit to ensure maximum safety for the circuit and attached equipment.


  1. Lightweight and portable:

Not only is This Honda generator being very lightweight and easy to work with, but it is also highly portable. You can use this Honda generator anywhere. This is also an excellent thing about a machine that you can easily carry it anywhere with you without any difficulty.


You can work with it for a long time, and it is so excellently built that you can use it for heavy loads and high-power devices with it for a long time; it also has a high finishing and efficient performance.


  1. DC 12V, 8A output:

There is a stable output of 12V DC. There are no fluctuations in the output of the circuit, and you can easily handle the output for external Battery charging such as Car battery, Generator, and big vehicle battery, the output available in 8A.


  1. Movable Wheel Kit with Handle:

Another fantastic addition to the great design is the movable wheel kit with a handle. Heavy generators can be hard to transport from one place to another. The dolly wheel kit is a beautiful addition to this generator.

 The wheels make it easy to transport the generator from one place to another with minimal effort. You don’t need any additional gadgets to help you move the generator. You can move it freely thanks to the built-in wheels.


Let's overview the best Honda Gasoline Generator Price in Bangladesh

Honda Generator Price in Bangladesh(BD) 2022 | 2KW to 13KW  

Honda Generator List Price in Bangladesh
2.2KW Honda Engine Generator BDT 65,000
5.5 KW Soundproof Honda Generator BDT 1,65,000
5.5KW Honda Engine Generator BDT 1,20,000
6.5KW Honda Engine Generator  BDT 130,000
11KW Honda Engine Generator BDT 3,50,000
11KW Honda Engine Generator HG12700EX-AT BDT 3,75,000
13 KW Honda Engine 3 Phase Generator BDT 4,00,000



Sakura power is a renowned brand for producing high-quality electronics. This article was all about our Honda power generator. It is a small generator best suitable for smaller households and buildings.

 These Honda generators not only save you money, but they also will turn your life through their efficient and high-quality performance. GOOD LUCK!!!

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  1. 6.5KW Honda Engine Generator HG7700EX
    BDT 130,000 EMIs from BDT 10833.33 / Month
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  2. 11KW Honda Engine Generator HG12700EX-AT
    BDT 420,000 EMIs from BDT 35000 / Month
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  3. 5.5KW Honda Engine Generator HG6700EX
    BDT 120,000 EMIs from BDT 10000 / Month
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