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If you are looking for the best inverter generator in BD with consistent sine wave output that can drive heavy machinery in a sensitive area like a clinic, hospital, diagnostic center, server room etc, then our inverter generator is the best option. We have already supplied this generator in several ISP centers or server rooms and got satisfied feedback.

We have the best portable inverter generator, so it would prove quite money-saving in the end. Its fuel is relatively cheaper than other fuels and will save you money along with brilliant efficiency and optimum capacity. This generator is the best inverter generator option for you in Bangladesh at an affordable price.

With this power, it is pretty easy to run entire stores with ease. This generator can run all the heavy machinery without any voltage fluctuation and other errors for having consistent sine wave output. The capacity of the generator is enough to handle big appliances.

Sakura Power is aimed at giving the best to the people. So, inverter generators are so much better than all other types of generators, and along with it, they are so economical and budget-friendly.

Here, we will go through all the essential features of the inverter generators and guide you on why you should go for inverter generators in Bangladesh.


Features and Specifications:

Inverter generators are more economical and affordable than other petrol and gas generators because they use less power. The heavy-duty engine provides high reliability of the generator with more extended power. All the components are made up of decent materials and top quality so that the generator's efficiency is not compromised.

The inverter technology makes our generators highly suitable for various households and small businesses requiring a portable generator. This generator was tested for working under different conditions by the expert team in our company. This pure sine wave generator turned out to stand them all, proving its high efficiency and top quality.


1. Ultra-Low Noise

One of the most impressive features of this inverter is that it has an ultra-low noise and is a very silent generator. Generators are known to cause high noise and are very disturbing, so one of the fantastic features of these generators is that they can cause low noise. This silent generator will produce low noise, and you can’t hear it even at a small distance. So again, this generator is one of the best to be considered.


2. Remote Start and One-touch smart Start:

Such technologies are beneficial as they make life very much more accessible. You can consider starting a generator a hectic process along with all the noise it makes. But, with this generator, you will get the benefit from the automatic start for having ATS technology and a low nose. You can use the ATS system for different modes.


3. Inverter Technology:

It is the best thing to consider for a generator to save you from paying high bills. You will get low-cost energy, and even on continuous use, the power used by the generator would be efficiently low. So, you can consider this inverter generator as it is at the best price in Bangladesh.


4. Electronic speed control System:

Another fantastic thing about this generator is that it has an automatic speed control. You can use this engine at various speeds according to the loads, so you have the best options and choices for driving the engine at your own desired speed. The electronic control system allows you to run the generator at various levels based on the load.


5. Stable output:

This eco-friendly generator produces a stable output and utilizes digital automatic voltage regulators to avoid the pulsating of Voltage. When the voltage/frequency fluctuates, more fuel is used.

So, this is an efficient feature that automatically avoids voltage/frequency fluctuation so that you have everything on an optimized level. Even when used for heavy machinery, this generator avoids the voltage/frequency fluctuation and makes less fuel usage, thus saving you money.


6. IP65 Plug and Socket:

The plugs and sockets are made up of higher-quality industrial materials. The quality and capability of working these switches are fantastic. You won't need to spend extra on anything. These plugs and sockets are of industrial standard and won't cause any leakage or error.


7. Overload protector circuit breaker:

A circuit breaker is a device that is used to protect the electrical system in case of overloading. There is a high-quality breaker, so it means you have got another premium feature about your product. This circuit breaker has all the power and technology for it to manage to break the circuit contacts during any high current operations, so you do not have to worry about the functionality of the circuit breaker.


8. Low oil alert:

As technology advances, more and more facilities come into the market. An oil alert system makes it easier for you to oil the generator whenever the oil level is low in the generator.

An oil alert system alerts you of the oil level within the safe amounts so that you either do not overfill the oil socket to one known about the oil level. Its primary aim is to raise the oil alert when needed.


9. Wheel Kit (4 wheels):

You will get a movable wheel kit with this portable generator to move the generator anywhere accessible. No doubt generators are pretty challenging to move, but these high-quality movable wheel kits not only save you from spending much on the accessories of the generator. These accessories are available with the generator, and you do not have to spend more on buying accessories.


Inverter Generator Price in Bangladesh | 2022 

Our inverter generators are available in 3 modes. These are SG4500i-A (3.5KW with ATS), SG8500i (8KW), and SG8500i-A (8KW with ATS). You can choose any based on your requirements.

Inverter Generator List Price in Bangladesh
3.5KW Inverter Generator BDT 90,000
5.5 KW Inverter Generator SG6500i-A (Dual Fuel) BDT 1,30,000
8 KW Inverter Generator BDT 1,50,000
8 KW Inverter Generator with ATS BDT 1,65,000
8.5 KW Inverter Generator SG8500i-A (Dual Fuel) BDT 1,85,000



If you are looking for an economical and highly affordable low noise generator for your household and other small institutes and business centers, our inverter generator is the best option. Sakura power is a renowned brand for producing high-quality electronics.

 This article was all about our best inverter generator for home backup. It is a small generator best suitable for smaller households, buildings. Not only do these quiet portable generators save you money, but they also will turn your life through their efficient and high-quality performance. Best of luck in finding a good inverter generator!!!

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