LG Series (Sakura Engine)

LG Series (Sakura Engine)

Sakura LG Series Generator

The Sakura LG series is a series of portable petrol generators designed and manufactured by Sakura Power from China. The range of generators is from 2.2 kW to 11 kW that can power a single household as well as the whole building or campus.

If you are an avid fan of handling your own DIY projects like building small-scale power generators, then you would surely be aware of the fact that most of the power generators on the market are expensive. But, it is well worth it to purchase a power generator. In order to make sure that you are making the right choice when you purchase one of these, it is important that you have a clear idea of what you want and what you get from the generator like the power that it can produce, the number of hours that it can run and the ease of use etc.  Let's overview all the features you will get from Sakura LG Series Generator-

1. Ultra-Efficient OHV Power:

We aim to offer you pollution-free electricity, and our devices are safe for you and your family, so you can rely on us to supply you with efficient electricity and OHV power.

2. Emergency Low Oil alert:

As technology advances, more and more facilities come into the market. An emergency low oil alert system makes it easier for you to oil the generator whenever the oil level is low in the generator.
An oil alert system alerts you of the oil level within the safe amounts so that you either do not overfill the oil socket to one known about the oil level. Its primary aim is to raise the oil alert when needed.

3. Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery:

The LG series comes with a generator that has a Lead Acid battery. This battery is highly powerful, and you also do not need to maintain this battery. The whole system with the battery is automatic, so it’s a fun fact about it.

4. Heavy-duty Industrial Plug and Socket:

The plug and socket are made for the usage of any type of machinery. This power generator can bear a load of any heavy-duty electronics within its voltage range from industrial to household machinery.
One can rely on these heavy-duty plugs and sockets for safe connections with no damage and leakageThis LG series power generator can bear a load of any heavy-duty electronics within its voltage range from industrial to household machinery.

5. Digital AVR:

This eco-friendly generator produces a stable output and utilizes digital automatic voltage regulators to avoid the pulsating of VoltageSo, this is an efficient feature that automatically avoids voltage/frequency fluctuation due to a digital AVR so that you have everything on an optimized level.
Even when used for heavy machinery, this generator avoids the voltage/frequency fluctuation and makes the lesser fuel usage, thus saving you money. Voltage and frequency fluctuation is significantly less than normal AVR generators.

6. 5 in 1 Monitor:

A 5 in 1 meter can show Volt, Ampere, Frequency, Watt, and Hour running. The monitors for the measurement of Voltage, Current, frequency, and time make this generate very precise in the range of power it supplies. It reduces the chances of any faults that can occur.
It is said that digital monitors don’t have accurate readings. However, this generator has an analog monitor that gives you the most accurate readings without going through the analog readings and stuff.

7. Quick connect output terminals:

When you buy a generator, it is sometimes very hard to assemble the parts, but you will get quickly connectable output terminals with this generator. This will not only save your time but also make it easier to connect and disconnect the terminals. Moreover, the guide provided with the generator explains the whole assembly process with great detail and proficiency.

8. Long Service Life:

The LG series generators are highly long life. They have a good dash of working. You can rely on the LG series generators for well-functioning and high-efficiency performance. The best thing about this series is that you get the benefit of all of its amazing features.

9. Range:

This portable gasoline generator ranges from about 2.2KW to 11 KW. You can choose any of the generators you want based on your need and the load requirements. This series has generators in a higher power range, and one can easily choose it for higher power requirements.

Let's have a look at all the LG Series Petrol Generator Price in Bangladesh -

LG Generator Price in Bangladesh | Sakura LG Series Generator

Get 2.2kw to 11kw LG Series Generator in Bangladesh price starts from BDT 28000 to BDT 200000.

LG Series Generator Price in Bangladesh
2.2KW Sakura Engine Generator BDT 28,000
3.2KW Sakura Engine Generator LG4500EX BDT 46,000
5.5KW Sakura Engine Generator LG6500EX BDT 52,000
6.5KW Sakura Engine Generator LG7500EX BDT 56,000
7.5KW Sakura Engine Generator LG9500EX BDT 70,000
11 KW Sakura Engine Generator SG12800EX

BDT 200,000

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  1. 2.2KW Sakura Engine Generator LG2700EX
    BDT 28,000 EMIs from BDT 2333.33 / Month
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