2.2 KW LPG Generator LG2700EX-DF

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BDT 45,000 EMIs from BDT 3750 / Month

Generators are known to deliver power. Sometimes, outrages in electricity may lead to unfortunate circumstances such as load shedding. The perfect generator for high workload and power requirements is the LG2700EX-DF. It is efficient and affordable as it works on LPG that is quite an economical option these days. This incredible machine can light up an entire house and also a whole building or a store.

Lighting up stores is the primary desire of every business owner. This beast of a machine is made for this purpose. It can light up huge stores with ease. Due to its power, it is easy for the LG2700EX-DF to deliver a large amount of power. A large amount of energy is required to run machines and light up buildings.

As the generator works on LPG, it is pretty economical. It uses LPG as fuel to work, and LPG is cheaper than other forms of fuel. This generator is powerful and economical at the same time that makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a backup power source to prevent any loss of power.

Sakura Power operates on the motive to provide ease to people through the use of technology. This generator is a perfect product because it is powerful and economical at the same time.


Special Features :

  • Up to 50% fuel cost savings
  • You can use both petrol and LPG as it has dual fuel facility
  • LPG cylinder gas is very easily available and safe
  • LPG gas produces less air pollution than petrol and diesel