7.5KW LPG Generator STORM D8000E-DF

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BDT 88,000 EMIs from BDT 7333.33 / Month

STORM D8000E-DF is another powerful addition to the family of LPG Generators. Sakura LPG generators are more powerful and less costly as compared to gasoline generators. Not only do they have high efficiency, but also, they have many benefits over other generators.


Sakura Power’s primary aim is to put forth those products that are suitable economically and also puts low strain on the budget. This gas generator is undoubtedly a good choice for medium households and shops and even a part of a building. Not only it supports heavy electronics, but also it works smoothly for many hours.


This 7.5 KW LPG generator is a portable generator and is capable of supporting high-power and heavy-duty machinery. You will a maximum power of about 7.5 kW maximum and 70 as rated power. It is best suitable for residential usage where one can efficiently run heavy loads and machinery and at a very reasonable price.


A lpg generator saves you up to 50 percent of the budget of the gasoline generator. As in Bangladesh, LPG is 50 times lower in price than gasoline so think of the benefits of all the savings you will get. You would annually save you a lot of money and also be the best in its performance.


Let’s now look at a few features that can give you the reliability and high technology of this generator.

Special Features :

  • Up to 50% fuel cost savings
  • You can use both petrol and LPG as it has dual fuel facility
  • LPG cylinder gas is very easily available and safe
  • LPG gas produces less air pollution than petrol and diesel