Why Shop With Us


  • Human-2-Human Service

Determined to achieve customer satisfaction, we are committed to offering the highest level of service. We set out with a clear definition of your needs, assessment of constraints, bespoke installations, the anticipation of risks and act accordingly on your feedback; not simply adhering to local service standards.


  • Innovative Power Solutions

Sakura brings to the market innovative solutions that deliver essential energy infrastructure to indispensable industry players. We work with the highest integrity, compliance culture, and respect for human rights while minimizing negative externalities to the highest degree.


  • Excellence of Performance

With excellence as the driving force, the products and solutions we provide are accredited and certified. We ensure authentic parts, with recommendations of correct installations and maintenance mannerisms. Our guarantees to date have held their promise.


  • Goodwill in Commitment

Sakura is committed to meeting a wide variety of its customers' demands. Whether specific generating sets or generic power tools, we provide a coherent response adapted to your specific constraints.